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ANTHONY HUDSON (Grand Ronde) is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and filmmaker. He lives in Portland, OR among lush greenery, sprawling gentrification, and a not-mutually-exclusive fear of bridges and earthquakes. Anthony is perhaps best known as Portland’s premier drag clown CARLA ROSSI, an immortal trickster whose attempts at realness almost always result in fantastic failure.  Anthony & Carla have been featured at Critical Mascara for TBA (PICA), the CAP Art Auction, Seattle PrideFest, and the Risk/Reward Festival, along with hosting a veritable buffet of monthly nightlife events since 2010.  Anthony & Carla host and program their LGBTQ film series QUEER HORROR bimonthly at the historic Hollywood Theatre, and and their new play STILL LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY is in process with the support of Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre.

On tour (please contact for tech riders):

LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY - run time 55 minutes

A solo theatre show, LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY utilizes song, drag, and video to put a queer spin on ancestral, traditional storytelling; what it means for a mixed-race person to grow up seeing their heritage filtered through white normative media. “Touching on Disney’s Peter Pan, mid-century cigar-box Indian depictions, the absurdity of racial classification, and poignant family memories, Looking for Tiger Lily promises to be one of those rare identity-oriented shows that might actually appeal to audiences much broader than those directly implicated.” - Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch.  Tech requirements:  projection/projector screen, one mic/reinforced sound, can be performed with or without a live accompanist and piano.  

Additional outreach activities:

  • "Welcome to Clown Town" - Artist Talk and Process Lecture/Demo (pdf available upon request)

  • Queer Horror -  A film screening with comedic commentary, Queer Horror is a collaboration between Portland's premier drag clown Carla Rossi (Anthony Hudson) and artist Jason Edward Davis, QUEER HORROR is a lifestyle brand catering to ghouls of all genders and orientations.  QUEER HORROR began (and still thrives) as a bimonthly screening series programmed and hosted by Carla Rossi at the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon since March 2015. Consistently packing a ninety-year-old movie theater full of queers and allies for rowdy shows opening with performances and short films, we question horror’s relation to queerness and what it means to identify with the monster. Maybe it’s the fact that queer people are so often relegated to shadows of otherness that the horror genre is more immediately relatable for us. We grew up with boogeymen. We’ve lived with boogeymen. Goblins and ghosts are a welcome escape from real-life monstrosities.  From the work of James Whale and John Waters to Patricia Highsmith and Clive Barker, horror has deeply impacted queer culture and sensibilities and QUEER HORROR asks why.