Making music that moves the soul and stirs insight, Audiopharmacy is a multicultural mix of members with a core group consisting of Native American - Desirae Harp (Wappo / Dine - songstress & MC), Afro/Native American lyricist - Ras K’dee (Pomo -  MC & keys), Founder - Hapa-American - Teao Sense (producer, guitar, bass, DJ, turntablist, beatbox), Joanna Cruz, Pilipino American - love/speak (womb manager & host) and often flute, sax, congas, buckets, painters, and dancers from the "Audiopharmacy Prescriptions" Int. Artivist collective.


Spawned from its roots in Hip Hop, Audiopharmacy extends its repertoire far beyond the genre. By intricately fusing live instrumentation, global musical styles, and indigenous roots, the band’s audio/visual healing re-defines the meaning and sound of “World Hip Hop”. By pulling together inspiration from all corners of the earth, Audiopharmacy makes music that is unique & avant garde, yet always speaks the language of the people. The band takes pride in inspiring positive change, building bridges of unity, sharing culture and tradition, and living respectfully and harmoniously with Mama Earth.  One Tribe.