Dancing Earth / http://www.dancingearth.org/ Dancing Earth is an award winning global Indigenous dance company led by Rulan Tangen.  Dancing Earth has a deep commitment to support Indigenous dance and performance to encourage and revitalize awareness of cultural diversity through artistic expression and for the wellness of all people. 

All tour engagements have extensive community involvement and educational outreach.

BETWEEN UNDERGROUND AND SKYWORLD is a multimedia dance theater work that conjures visions for a more sustainable future. The show brings forth intertribal perspectives on sustainability and renewable energy from the next generation of Indigenous superheroes. Fusing tradition with technology, the heroes explore themes of repetition and renewal, finding healing and remembering ancestral knowledge. Guiding their creative process in cultural viewpoints on sustainability and renewable practices, Dancing Earth Creations also employs sustainable arts practices through set and costume design which utilizes reclaimed/repurposed/recycled materials and lighting design which prioritizes LED technology.

Development of this work subsidized by the MAP Fund, The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation and receiving touring subsidy through 2021 through the New England Foundation for the Arts National Theatre Project.

Also on tour:

…SEEDS ReGeneration…  (85 minutes)  Technical requirements:  this show requires a stage of at least 30' by 25", a floor suitable for dance, a projector and a cyclorama.  Touring costs of this work is subsidized by NEFA NDP.

(SEEDS) is a performance residency program created by Dancing Earth Creation’s Artistic Director Rulan Tangen (Metis) that premiered at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO in September, 2016 and will be on tour through 2019.  SEEDS includes, a reflection of the environment, people and place, a performance and series of community intercultural engagements.  The ritual and connection builds over the week of the residency preceding the performance. Local community members are involved in a variety of engagement activities minimally including a community gathering workshop where participants will be led in making of a mandala, wildflower seed balls and a seed exchange and an observance with cultural protocols with an invitation to a local host nation including opening the performance with song and blessing.