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Years ago, when I was actively creating and performing in the dance theatre space, I lamented that I had no idea if there were any other Native American performing artists that were operating in the contemporary space - who were pushing boundaries. There were, there are. It was only through my work as Program Officer at Native Arts and Cultures Foundation that I began to understand the reality, that performances inspired by Indigenaity were happening across the United States. In the last year an a half I have deepened my knowledge of emerging artists in the field and come to understand that there are hundreds, even thousands of us - telling stories and fighting the subtle fight to regain our own narrative. I will be publishing a calendar every three months of exceptional Native performing arts - not as an agent, but as an advocate for the field.

Coming contemporary Indigenous performances and events of note (I will be launching a calendar page with these events and more in the coming weeks):

  • December 1-2: Dancing Earth, “500 Years of Resistance”, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, CA -

  • December 1-2: Rosy Simas Danse, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL -

  • December 2-3: Maura Garcia Dance, Prelude to The Sarah Play, The White Theater, Lenexa, Kansas -

  • December 8-10: Christopher K. Morgan & Artists, 92nd St Y, New York City, NY -

  • December 9: Thea Hopkins, People’s Voice Café, New York City, NY -

  • December 9: Anthony Hudson | The Carla Rossi, Slant Live Queer Storytelling @ Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR -

  • January 13-15: Rosy Simas Danse, American Realness @ Abrons Arts Center, New York City, NY -

  • December 14: Anthony Hudson | The Carla Rossi, Queer Horror: Batman Returns @ The Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR -

  • January 8-10: Christopher K. Morgan & Artists, 5th Annual Winter Workshop -

  • February 8-10: Rosy Simas Danse, City of Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL -

  • February 14-25: Dancing Earth and Maura Garcia Dance, Talking Stick Festival 2018, Vancouver, BC -

  • February 15-16: Rosy Simas Danse, Gimaajii Mino Bimaadizayaan, Duluth, MN -

Of note, my little company and the work I am doing in alliance with Native artists was written up in my local paper (thank you Scott Hewitt):

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